Virtual Trip To New York

As home educators/life learners, one of our preferred ways to learn is a day trip – to museums, galleries or other places of interest. Of course we can’t do that right now, so I created a virtual day out that follows (as closely as possible) what one of these trips might be like in real life.

We’ve seen New York lots on TV, but never been there – so we thought we’d go see the sights virtually. Here’s what we got up to, with links…

Welcome To NYC – arriving by helicopter, via

View from the Empire State Building – via

American Museum of Natural History – virtual tour (scroll down to ‘Visit Virtually’ options)

Interactive Games from the American Museum Of Natural History (we always head straight for the interactive exhibits in real life)

A stroll through Central Park (another virtual tour)

Lunch was homemade pizza, to keep with the New York theme – we ended up role-playing ‘Pizzeria’.

Tenement Museumvideo about an Irish immigrant’s story – we found this surprisingly entertaining

Statue of Liberty – video about its history from watchmojo, plus a 360 panoramic view from airpano

Chatting about what we’d seen led to a question ‘what was on the site of New York City originally?‘, and we ended up on this website about the indigenous inhabitants Mapping Manhattan: 10 Lenape Sites In New York

I posted about a few other online resources we enjoy in These Are A Few Of Our Favourite Things

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